GRAAL,  2009

Accelerators probing the fundamental physics.

Matinyan-80, 2011

Low dimensional physics and gauge principles.

I Matinyan seminar 2019 II Matinyan seminar 2020 III Matinyan jubilee seminar 2021


Reports at conferences:

Gurzadyan, speaker at XXII Solvay conference on physics, IAU General Assembly, M.Grossmann meetings X, XI (V.Gurzadyan - chair of the Chaos session), Dark Matter (UCLA), Sakharov (Lebedev Institute), etc; lecturer at Xth Brazilian School of Cosmology and Gravitation; keynote speaker at IXth Swiss Biennial on Science, Technics + Aesthetics on "The Large, The Small and the Human Mind"; at Clay Mathematics Institute, Mathematical Institute and University of Oxford workshop "The Mathematics of CCC".