Lares and Lares 2


The small format workshop was devoted to LARES and LARES 2 satellite missions, General Relativity, Time, Space Research and John Archibald Wheeler. The speakers included Nobel laureates Sir Roger Penrose and Kip Thorne. The forthcoming LARES 2 mission was particularly discussed by PI Ignazio Ciufolini.


Vahe Gurzadyan delivered a talk “Cosmological constant, time arrow, gravity constants”, Arman Stepanian had arrived from Pisa.

From left: Kip Thorne, Vahe Gurzadyan, Sir Roger Penrose, Antonio Paolozzi.

Sir Roger Penrose.

Arman Stepanian, Roger Penrose, Vahe Gurzadyan

Penrose, Gurzadyan, Thorne.